Friday, May 4, 2012


So I have never been an amazing cook. I also have a huge love of anything sweet. But the more I look into raw food and true healthy eating the more I am a huge fan of rawness. I watched another documentary today called Forks over Knives. I highly recommend it if you are interested in Raw food.

My 3 things I am grateful for today
1- Raw food- Delicious! My friend Mindy made Spaghetti Squash lasagna with raw marinade and let me try some, AMAZING. My goal for this next week is to try at least 3 new recipes from my healthy cookbooks.
2- The 6th graders at the school I teach at put on a play and we all watched it for an assembly. It was quite entertaining.
3- My class had dance today and the Repertory Dance Theater had a teacher come and be our guest dance teacher for the day. She did an amazing job at teaching the kids about nature and their bodies. It was fun to be a part of it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 positives a day!

I have been reading an amazing book called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. He recommends many methods to acquire more happiness in your life. One of his suggestions is to think about 3 things that were great about your day and tell people or write them down.

1- Just watched an inspiring documentary on health called fat sick and nearly dead. Check it out at, I don't think I'll do a total juice fast but I definitely am going to eat more fruits and veggies.

2- I took time to put together a cute outfit in the morning and was complimented on it.

3- One of my students made me laugh when she said that her new baby sister whines and smells. Thats all she said about her.