Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time flies

Time goes by so fast. My high school teacher used to say, "Time is passing, will you?" I thought it was a clever play on words. Time is precious and I have had a hard time balancing my life. I go in cycles. I know some people that seem to have such a good balance of things in their life. I need to learn from them.

I appreciate the saying that there is a time and a season for everything. I know that if I make goals, which I need to do more of, to have the essential things in my life, the non-essential things will fall to the wayside and I will be able to do all that the Lord would have me do.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Books, Books, and More Books

Over the years I have bought many books.
I like books in most genres.

Self-help- Dating, Romance, Hobbyish, Health and Nutrition, Fashion and Beauty
Mystery- I started out with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
Science Fiction- I have read quite a few of these and find it fascinating to think of advances in technology that could change the face of our world.
Fantasy-Love these books, they can really transport you to another world.
Non-fiction- I enjoy reading about historical figures

Some of my favorite all time books
Tuesdays with Morrie
The Last Lecture
The Man in the Brown Suit (Agatha Christie)
The Book of Mormon
How to Win friends and influence people

I'll have to ponder more about books I've read to add to the list.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I got paid today! I went shopping after work to get some needed items. My goal this year is to be a better money manager. I am somewhat of a shopaholic and need to really think about what I spend my money on.

I need to consider cost per wear/use
Alternatives to buying

When I am a smart consumer I appreciate my purchases long after buying.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I have a new gym membership at Planet Fitness. It's a great deal. Only 10 dollars a month and no contract. It is one of the gyms that sponsor The Biggest Loser show. They have signs everywhere that say Judgement free zone. It is definitely interesting to people watch at the gym. You have the flirts, the show-offs, then people that look like they just don't belong.

Planet Fitness at Millcreek is a pretty small facility. Today when I went there were so many people that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the workout I wanted to. Luckily the weight machines were more available than the cardio equipment, and tonight I was lifting weights.

I actually enjoy lifting weights more than doing cardio. Who'd have guessed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
I had some free Firecracker Chicken at Panda Express to celebrate.
My students made dragons and a Chinese zodiac.
I am a DRAGON.
This year is the YEAR of the DRAGON.
IT must be MY YEAR!
Great things are going to happen this year!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Another Sunday is almost over. I heard a talk today on Patriarchal Blessings from the Stake Patriarch. He said that each time you read it you can understand different things from it depending on where you are at in your life and what is going on around you.

Another thing I loved was a comment a girl said in Relief Society. She said that when you are holding onto the iron rod you should reach out one hand to others to bring them to the iron rod as well. We were talking about service and loving your neighbor. A lot of people said PRAYER was key to loving others. Every single encounter you have with others you should ask yourself if you are helping or hurting them in their eternal progression. I need to be more cognizant of this in my everyday life.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


A few weeks ago I attended stake conference. One thing that stuck with me is that service is inconvenient. I have found this to be true, for the most part. It's redeeming qualities (very rewarding and brings joy to your life) make it worthwhile.

My friend needed a ride today. I was planning on getting stuff done during the time it took me to pick her up, but that stuff can wait. It was good talking to her and I know that I was in a better mood when I dropped her off.

Sometimes I feel my life is incredible busy and I don't have time to serve.

BUT, if I serve I am blessed and the things that don't matter as much fall to the wayside.