Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Passion is a must for a job that you want to work at for the rest of your life. I need to find my passion and go for it.

I was at my chiropractor's office today (who I am seeing to cure me of all my allergies) and I heard someone wish him a Happy Birthday. I told him the same and said it was a bummer he had to be at work. He told me that he loved his job and there was no other place he would rather be. He moved to Texas from California a few years ago and was retired for 5 days when he decided to open Oak Haven Massage. He then told me that he is never going to retire.

I have met a few other people who are extremely happy in their chosen profession. My dentist Dr. Lunt. Every time I see him he is smiling, telling jokes, and enjoying his work.

Think about Bill Gates and other people like him who are experts in their fields. They haven't retired even though they don't need to work for the money. They do it because they love it.

I heard once about a BYU economics professor who worked for free after he had made his fortune because he loved teaching. I wanted to take his class to
1-Hear how he made his fortune
2-To learn from someone who was so passionate about what he taught

My a-ha for the day is that I NEED to find my passion and go for it.