Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in the saddle

Class started for me today and I am excited to have a new semester with new opportunities.

I will be student teaching this semester and was very happy to learn that I will be in Northside school district and will be teaching 4th grade. It will be quite a jump for me (going from preK to 4th grade). I will definitely be able to do a lot more with the students which I am looking forward to.

I decided to get a locker at the UTSA gym to help with my new years resolutions. Now I need to actually go to work out at the gym.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting Fresh

I am excited for the new year and all of the opportunities that it brings. A fresh start.
I love this picture of my niece Maggie. She has a long, wonderful life ahead of her and has endless opportunities.
I have a long, wonderful year ahead of me and have endless opportunities in it.
A few of my new years resolutions
1. Spread cheer (I found this fabulous idea in a magazine)
I plan on really making an effort to say hi to the people who serve me.
(cashiers, waiters, bus drivers, etc.)
2. Look for the tender mercies of the Lord
There are so many amazing things we are blessed with.
My car wouldn't start on Friday and I was stuck at the store.
The Lord blessed me to have 4 or 5 people offer to help jump start
my car. I was also blessed by my friend Rebecca who stopped
what she was doing to come rescue me.
3. Call my family more often.
I definitely need to do better at talking with my family more.
I got a webcam for Christmas and am excited to try
it out.