Thursday, January 12, 2012


Tomorrow and Friday we are celebrating halfway day in my class. We are halfway through the school year. It has gone by fast. A good time to reevaluate my teaching.

So to get back to the 5 choices.......

One of the biggest roles in my life is that of Teacher. I have a hard time balancing my time with this role. I either spend what feels like all my time on teaching, or I get home and don't want to do anything related to work.

I feel the key to becoming extraordinary as a Teacher is learning where to spend my time.

necessary but a BIG time sucker. So for now I am grading the minimal amount that is required.

I love coming up with new ways to teach concepts but I find myself being sucked into the internet twilight zone. I easily lose track of time and find so many ideas that it is hard to apply them. I think if I had a goal to work on one or two things a week I would slowly make progress and come out ahead (like the tortoise).

Teaching Methods-

This one is important as well. Methods can make all the difference. No matter how good a lesson is, PRESENTATION is key to STUDENT SUCCESS.

Now to make concrete goals based on my musings.......

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